[texworks] Character-level synchronization

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Jul 12 23:15:32 CEST 2014

Stefan Löffler wrote:

> During a day on the train, I started implementing character-level
> synchronization between the source and the pdf.

Interesting (good) idea, Stefan, but probably of greater to use to those 
who have robust TeX code and simply want to edit their MS.  I am usually 
in a far less desirable position, testing and developing code and rarely 
having to go in to edit the raw data.  And for me, there are a few 
highly desirable features that I would like to request :

1) For a given project, the concept (a la WinEDT) of a "main file";
I typically have a large number of adjunct files, many of which are in 
XML format, and having to add

	% !TeX Program-XeTeX
	% !TeX root=<whatever>.tex

to the head of each is unsatisfactory for many reasons which I can 
explain if you are interested.  Being able to nominate a single main 
file for a project, and to automatically have all open and updated files 
saved when the "Compile" option is selected, which in itself will 
automatically compile the main file, would be a great boon.

2) The "Previous View" functionality of Adobe Acrobat.  When I am 
testing the hyperlinks in a document, I have no way (in the previewer) 
of getting back to the previous view; such functionality would also be 
very much appreciated.

3) In the editor, more intelligent behaviour w.r.t. tabs :
3a) When the cursor is at a tab, hitting <rubout> should take the
cursor back one tab stop, not back to the margin.
3b) The ability to indent/outdent blocks of text using <tab> and 
<shift><tab>, rather than the unintuitive Ctrl=[/] as at present.

Philip Taylor

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