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Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Tue May 1 20:43:54 CEST 2012


On 2012-04-25 19:00, heck.johannes at googlemail.com wrote:
> has anyone of you already experimented with the biblatex workflow
> automation as suggested here
> <http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/biblatex/index.php?title=Workflow_Automation>?

I haven't, but I'll try to give some suggestions nevertheless. This
website just deals with biblatex, but not biber, am I right?

> I need to pass a very special variable to biblatex (mincrossref=99),
> but this won’t work as simple argument.
> “m
> incrossrefs={integer} default: 2
> Sets the minimum number of cross references to hintegeri when requesting a
> BibTeX run. Note that this package option merely affects the format of
> certain
> requests written to the transcript file. It will not have any effect
> if the editor or
> compiler script launching BibTeX does not include dedicated biblatex
> support or
> if BibTeX is manually launched from the command-line. See § 2.4.4 for
> details.
> ” (biblatex manual, p. 49)
> § 2.4.4 only points to loqreq package which not yet has a manual and
> to the wiki-link I’ve already posted.

As I understand it, the mincrossrefs you mention (from the biblatex
manual) is actually a package option, i.e., something to set like

If I understand it correctly, this is not to be confused with the
"-min-crossrefs" argument you can pass to bibtex like
bibtex -min-crossrefs=99 auxname.aux

although the two are related somewhat (I guess biblatex passes its value
on to bibtex somehow?).
> At the moment, I call Biber from the tools pull-down menu. I added
> [002]
> name=Biber
> program=biber.exe
> arguments=$basename
> showPdf=false
> to my tools.ini.
> Is it possible to write a python or perl script which invokes
> biber/biblatex with those special options and then call this script
> from Texworks tools?

For biber, I didn't find any command line option corresponding to
"-min-crossrefs", but "mincrossrefs" is referenced in the documentation
a few times. So I would guess that biblatex passes its value on to biber
automatically (e.g., through some configuration file).

Writing python/perl/... scripts is certainly possible. The question is
rather if it's really necessary?


> P.S.: 0.5r998 runs very smoothly on my machine. I have the feeling
> that TW runs faster, lower latencies when opening a document or the
> preview.
> No errors occured yet, only the launchPDF script is not working, the
> Statusbar says: “Skript: ‘open in default viewer’: TypeError: Result
> of Expression ‘TW.app.launchFile’ [undefinded] is not a function.”

Thanks for sharing. The problem with the launchPdf script seems to be
related to an old version of the script (which may not get updated,
e.g., if you made any changes to it). The most current version of the
script is available at
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