[texworks] Problem with autocompletion

T T t34www at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 29 11:21:12 CEST 2011

On 29 June 2011 09:41, Stefan Löffler <st.loeffler at gmail.com> wrote:
> Depends on what measure you use for "critical". The program work in
> general, and auto-completion works upon first invocation. If you try to
> cycle through several auto-completion alternatives (by repeatedly
> pressing the Tab key) you run into problems, though:
> 1) you get unwanted/gibberish characters after the auto-completion
> string (as reported by Alain and Paul),
> 2) if you do auto-completion cycling somewhere in the middle of the
> line, all the text in front of the cursor is erased
> I'd consider (1) annoying, but not definitely not release-critical.
> As for (2), it causes data loss (not permanent, as undo works, but
> still), so effectively prevents the use of auto-completion.

OK, that's sounds major enough to me.

> Of course, I'd like to see the bugfix included if possible, but there's
> no need to scrap already-printed DVDs (I'm exaggerating here, of course ;)).
> If r855 indeed fixes the problem (as it appears to), I intend to publish
> 0.4.3 when I get home from work (probably in about 8 hours).
> Sorry for the inconvenience,

No problem, bugs happen, that's just part of the process.  If Karl
doesn't object, I'll update TW tonight, otherwise we have the first
bullet point for "known issues" list of TL'11 ;)



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