[texworks] Problem with autocompletion

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 10:41:45 CEST 2011


On 2011-06-29 09:37, T T wrote:
> On 29 June 2011 07:44, Alain Delmotte <esperanto at swing.be> wrote:
>> What do you mean it is too late for 0.4.2?
>> Is this the version for TL2011?

I mean: 0.4.2 was released last weekend, so it's too late to fix the
issue in that version.

> Yes, it is, TL has been frozen yesterday, no further commits are
> allowed w/o Karl's approval.
> Stefan, is the bug critical enough for us to break the freeze?  How
> long until you could make the official release?  If it's not something
> major, we we can always update TW after the TL release.

Depends on what measure you use for "critical". The program work in
general, and auto-completion works upon first invocation. If you try to
cycle through several auto-completion alternatives (by repeatedly
pressing the Tab key) you run into problems, though:
1) you get unwanted/gibberish characters after the auto-completion
string (as reported by Alain and Paul),
2) if you do auto-completion cycling somewhere in the middle of the
line, all the text in front of the cursor is erased

I'd consider (1) annoying, but not definitely not release-critical.
As for (2), it causes data loss (not permanent, as undo works, but
still), so effectively prevents the use of auto-completion.

Of course, I'd like to see the bugfix included if possible, but there's
no need to scrap already-printed DVDs (I'm exaggerating here, of course ;)).

If r855 indeed fixes the problem (as it appears to), I intend to publish
0.4.3 when I get home from work (probably in about 8 hours).

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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