[texworks] Builds of TeXworks 0.4.3 for OS X

Charlie Sharpsteen chuck at sharpsteen.net
Thu Jun 30 01:53:57 CEST 2011

Good evening,

I just posted Mac binaries for 0.4.3:

   For Leopard:


   For Snow Leopard:


** NOTE: These links are semi-permanent. Old builds may be deleted in order
to free disk space for new builds. **

These builds still use Fontconfig rather than Quartz to discover font files
as Fontconfig provides better substitution suggestions for non-English
fonts. This means that Mac users who run these builds on a computer that
doesn't have OS X installed won't see any text that references fonts that
are not embedded into the PDF document.  This should not be a major concern

  -  TeX embeds fonts into all documents it creates (with some exceptions,
notably pTeX, unless configured to embed fonts).

  - X11 is installed by default since OS X 10.5.x---unless the user chose to
customize the installation procedure and specifically unchecked the X11

This build was compiled against:

  Qt 4.7.3
  Hunspell 1.3.2
  Poppler 0.16.7
  Lua 5.1.4


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