[texworks] how can I reset the editor that is called by typing "e" in the console bar?

lrudolph at meganet.net lrudolph at meganet.net
Sat Apr 9 21:20:33 CEST 2011

Richard Kotucha replied to my question (in the Subject:

> This is usually controlled by the environment variable TEXEDIT.  The
> built-in default is notepad because it's assumed that that this exists
> on all Windows installations.
> You can set
>    TEXEDIT=texworks -p=%d %s
> where %s is a placeholder for the filename and %d for the line number.

Thank you!  In fact, this morning I got a bit cleverer
with Google, and discovered that by TeXing something
with the --src-special option, then opening the dvi
file with YAP, I could set *YAP's* preferred editor,
and that that would reset TexWork's (presumably by 
effecting the change to TEXEDIT as described above).
I hadn't gotten around to writing to the list, but
I'm very glad to have your explanation (which contains
information that I still cannot locate in any of the
help files supplied with MikTeX or TexWorks...though 
maybe a search on TEXEDIT might work; I'll try that).

Regards, Lee Rudolph

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