[texworks] TeXworks 0.4.0 GUI

Helge Kruse Helge.Kruse-nospam at gmx.net
Sat Mar 26 12:53:36 CET 2011

Am 25.03.2011 07:33, schrieb Stefan Löffler:
> Hi,
> On 2011-03-24 07:10, Helge Kruse wrote:
>> The combo box, where you select the compiler is much more narrower
>> than in r514. You can now choice between
>> LaTeXmk
>> pdfTeX
>> pdfLaTeX
>> XeTeX
>> XeLateX
>> ConText
>> XeC..ext
>> BibTex
>> Ma..ex
>> LaTeX
>> PsP..TeX
>> While I probably could remember what this abbreviations mean I would
>> find it reasonable to set the width of this control to a size, where
>> the complete name can be seen.
> I tested on Windows XP, and the problem did not occur initially (i.e.,
> with the default list). When I added a very long (arbitrary) name, I had
> to restart Tw to get the correct combo box width, but it did work. What
> Windows version do you use?
Windows 7 Professional, 64 Bit.

When I install it in the "Virtual XP Mode" (That's a VM to support old 
Win7-incompatible software), the combo box has a reasonable size.
But there's a surprise: The list of tools is different:
   LaTeXmk, pdfTeX, pdfLaTeX, XeTeX, XeLaTeX, ConteXt (MKII), XeConTeXt 
(MKII), BibTeX, MakeIndex
You can compare this with the list above.

> In r765 (see GC), I attempted to make the combo box grow and shrink
> dynamically. Does this solve the issue for you?
Nope. The left tool bar is narrow at the first start. The combo box is 
too narrow. Restarting TW does not help. Moving the other tool bar (and 
so resizing the left tool bar) does not help even after restart. After 
restart the left tool bar has the same small width again.

Tested with "Version 0.5 r765 (official)"

Best regards,

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