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Helge Kruse Helge.Kruse-nospam at gmx.net
Tue Aug 31 19:35:33 CEST 2010

Am 31.08.2010 12:32, schrieb Duncan Murdoch:
> It's very easy to create a directory listing, but by default it is
> fatally misleading: all recognized file extensions are suppressed. So
> the PDF file will be created with a .pdf extension, but the directory
> listing will not show it.

If you need a directory *listing*, you should open a command prompt and 
enter "dir " (with the blank but without enter). Than you drag the 
directory from the explorer to the command prompt window. The directory 
name is now appended to the command line. Now press Enter, you get the 

> This is a boneheaded decision made years and years ago at Microsoft, and
> they seem to think they're stuck with it.
The explorer shows the icons that shall help you to identify the file 
type. But you _have_ to learn each icon for this approach. A different 
approach can be found in Unix-alike system. The usually way to show the 
directory content is entering the "ls " command manually with the path 
in a sh/bash/zsh/ash/... . Of course it's also possible to use one of 
graphical file system browsers.

 > But users aren't: one of the
> "Folder Options" in Explorer is called "Hide extensions for known file
> types", and this should always be unchecked.
Yes that's the first operation with each Microsoft Windows PC I get in 
touch anyway.


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