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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Sep 1 00:54:55 CEST 2010

On 31 August 2010 Helge Kruse wrote:

 > Am 31.08.2010 12:32, schrieb Duncan Murdoch:
 > > It's very easy to create a directory listing, but by default it
 > > is fatally misleading: all recognized file extensions are
 > > suppressed. So the PDF file will be created with a .pdf
 > > extension, but the directory listing will not show it.
 > If you need a directory *listing*, you should open a command prompt
 > and enter "dir " (with the blank but without enter). Than you drag
 > the directory from the explorer to the command prompt window. The
 > directory name is now appended to the command line. Now press
 > Enter, you get the listing.

I just found out that TeXworks offers a much easier way create a nice
directory listing which certainly (can test it on Linux only) doesn't
suffer from Windows madness.  Just go to the "File" menu and click on
"Open ...".  At the bottom of the file select box you can select which
files you want to see.  Only *.tex files are displayed by default.

At the top of the file select box you also see the whole path, not
only the name of the directory.  This is something I'm missing in many
GUIs.  You never know where you are if only the name of a directory is
shown instead of a complete path.  You probably want to copy&paste.

It also solves another Windows issue.  By default the Windows Exploder
displays files as big icons.  But if you want to find a particular
file quickly, you need the filenames aligned vertically and sorted

However, I'm wondering why Microsoft still suppresses filename
extensions by default.  It's not only an annoyance but also a big
security hole.  They obviously didn't learn from the ILOVEYOU virus
which caused so much trouble in 2000.


According to Wikipedia it caused a damage of 5.5 billion US$.  No
reason for Microsoft to re-think the policy, extensions are still
suppressed by default.  Bill Gates was invited to an interview by a
German computer magazine when he visited Hannover Fair.  When asked
about this incident, he said "regard it as an intelligence test".  I'm
wondering how arrogant one can be.  Doesn't it mean that Bill Gates
assumes that Windows users are idiots?  

If anybody wants to learn more about the ILOVEYOU virus, just drop me
a line and I'll send you the file "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs".
At your own risk, of course. ;)


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