[texworks] TeXworks on MAC OS X 10.6.4

Hugh Bowen hbowen at sulross.edu
Sun Jul 11 18:58:30 CEST 2010

I have a problem, and I think it is with TeXworks.  I've recently purchased
a Macbook Pro, on which I installed TexLive 2009 and TeXworks, along with
the latex package powerdot.

To test that I had installed powerdot correctly (in the right directory),
I copied a presentation that I had developed on my Linux machine previously
(Mandriva 2007, tetex, powerdot 1.3, etc) to see if it would run.

When I ran TeXworks for pdflatex, an empty pdf file was created.  When
I ran TeXworks for xelatex output (assume postscript), no output file
was created.  I append the two log files for your inspection.  As a further
check, I opened a terminal window, went to the file directory, entered
"latex filename" twice, and saw filename.dvi in the directory; dvipdf
created the pdf file in this manner. So it seems like it is a
TeXworks problem.

I like TeXworks, and want to use it on my Mac.  Can anyone help me?
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