[texworks] \includegraphics prlem with xelatex on Mac Ox

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Fri Jul 9 17:12:10 CEST 2010

Le 9 juil. 2010 à 16:08, Herbert Schulz a écrit :

> Are you building TeXworks from the repository? I definitely see no figure and only one page of output within TeXworks' pdf preview even though the figure is definitely there. I hope TeXworks isn't dynamically picking up some old poppler library left over from the early versions of TeXworks before it was statically linked.

No, it's build 0.3r567 from the TeXworks download page.

Did you make sure you moved manually to the second page in the Preview window? Contrary to TeXShop, TeXworks doesn't do continuous scrolling, which fools me at times.

Here I definitely see the figure on the second page in the Preview window:

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As for the poppler library, I don't have any on my Mac except for the one built in TeXworks.app.


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