[texworks] Remove aux files

Peter Hertel peter.hertel at uni-osnabrueck.de
Sun Jun 27 14:31:41 CEST 2010

  If I commit a TeX error, such as forgetting a curly bracket or 
referring to a macro which is not defined, correcting the error in some 
cases does not help. Upon re-typesetting the TeX-processor complains 
that it cannot write a certain file (! File ended while scanning use of 
\@newl at bel). I have to click "Remove Aux Files" in the Files menu, 
confirm it and then go to the Window menu and press "Hide Output Panel". 
For the latter, the shortcut does not work on my (German) keyboard. Do I 
miss something? Correcting an error in WinEdt was simpler. Nevertheless, 
the synchronization between source code and PDF output outweighs this 
clumsy behavior.
Regards, Peter

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