[texworks] Remove aux files

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 18:32:15 CEST 2010


Am 2010-06-27 14:31, schrieb Peter Hertel:
> If I commit a TeX error, such as forgetting a curly bracket or
> referring to a macro which is not defined, correcting the error in
> some cases does not help. Upon re-typesetting the TeX-processor
> complains that it cannot write a certain file (! File ended while
> scanning use of \@newl at bel).

I think TeX could write to the files, but because the last TeX run was
interrupted, some files are corrupted / left unfinished. Therefore the
files end prematurely when TeX tries to run through them.
One possibility around this might be not to interrupt the typesetting
process (which kills TeX very abruptly), but rather input "X" in the
console to quit. Alternatively, you could try "-interaction
nonstopmode", although I think even that stops at some severe errors.

> I have to click "Remove Aux Files" in the Files menu, confirm it and
> then go to the Window menu and press "Hide Output Panel". For the
> latter, the shortcut does not work on my (German) keyboard.

Strange, it works for me when pressing Strg+AltGr+\ (German notation).
But this may be system-dependent (I use Ubuntu Linux).
Alternatively, you could redefine the shortcut. See Alain Delmotte's
manual (http://www.leliseron.org/texworks/) for some instructions, the
action's name you need is actionShow_Hide_Console.
BTW: In the same way you can define a shortcut for calling the "remove
aux files" dialog (the action's name is actionRemove_Aux_Files).

> Do I miss something? Correcting an error in WinEdt was simpler.
> Nevertheless, the synchronization between source code and PDF output
> outweighs this clumsy behavior.

Well, this particular problem is probably caused by aborting the TeX
process rather abruptly. However, I don't have any idea ATM how this
could be improved.


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