[texworks] Help please with Integer constants and use in messageboxes

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 07:43:20 CEST 2010

Thanks for that Stefan the correct direct link was a great help,

Indeed one of my integer constants had been depreciated.

Still it seems that the correctly named integer constants are not
available to QTScript engine yet.
Using the real/current constants' names still produces this kind of error:

  Sat 24. Apr 17:16:52 2010 Uncaught exception at
  ReferenceError: Can't find variable: RestoreDefaults

We can use the hex form, both in the messagebox call, and in the
SWITCH/case statements - but it looks a bit clumsy, and hard to
re-edit later.

Strangely at the end of running this script (below) I always get a
unexpected message box with "1024" as the message.

Should I put this up as an Issue?


// TeXworksScript
// Title: Trial Script
// Description: Experiments
// Author: Paul A Norman
// Version: 0.1
// Date: 2010-03-18
// Script-Type: standalone
// Context: TeXDocument
		// Experiment
       var chosen =  TW.information(null, "Some Text",  "Some other text",
0x08000000 | 0x00020000 | 0x00400000,0,2);
	// 0- RestoreDefaults default button,   2 - cancel button
       switch (chosen)
        case 0x08000000:
           TW.information(null, "RestoreDefaults", "RestoreDefaults -

        case 0x00020000:
          TW.information(null, "NoToAll", "NoToAll - 0x00020000");

        case 0x00400000:
        TW.information(null, "Cancel", "Cancel - 0x00400000");

        TW.information(null, "Default", chosen);
      } // End/ switch
        TW.information(null, "Returned Value Decimal?", "Returned
Value - Decimal? : " + chosen);

On 24 April 2010 00:03, Stefan Löffler <st.loeffler at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 2010-04-23 13:55, schrieb Paul A Norman:
>> Sorry to have to bring this up I should have been able to work this
>> out, but I've been looking in
>> http://ldc.usb.ve/docs/qt/qmessagebox.html trying to get dialogs to
>> work with buttons and capture the return value.
>> Am I looking in the right place under QT please?
> Well, it's not the official Qt documentation, and it seems to be for a
> fairly old version (4.1) which is not supported by Tw, anyway.
> The better place to start would be
> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/qmessagebox.html#StandardButton-enum where
> we have the official 4.3 docs. Maybe new constants have been added
> since, but in the interest of compatibility you should only use those.
> Stefan

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