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Daniel Becker d.becker at jpberlin.de
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Am 16.04.2010 um 15:46 schrieb Stefano A. Mezzasalma:

> However, the example there reported failed as well on my system, producing a lot of [?] instead of the correct numbering (still, I don't know if these file extensions are to be the same on my MixTeX, or if I need to download something else).

You need to run latex (or pdflatex) - I guess you have done that already. 

Then you have to run BibTeX - that is another program that converts the bibliographic info that you provided into a help file (with extension bbl), see the screenshot.

Then run latex again (and maybe once more) and you will find that the ???? are replaced by correct citations.

(Try to get a good general introduction to LaTeX and friends, where BibTeX is one of those friends.)
(Once you have understood the principle, you can use a tool like texify or latexmk (other friends) to run the necessary programs one after another.)

Good luck -


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