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Stefano A. Mezzasalma smezzasalma at units.it
Fri Apr 16 13:46:33 CEST 2010

Dear TeX Helpdesk,

I am trying unsuccessfully to use bibtex. The knowledge I have of  
LaTeX is more or less basic, and this is the first time I am dealing  
with this operation.

I currently work with MikTeX 2.8 (Version 0.3 r.514) and met several  
problems with it. First of all, it would seem I don't have all the  
necessary packages, like the "cite package", but I didn't find where  
to get it from.

Then, as I feel quite clumsy, I have followed the instructions found at:


However, the example there reported failed as well on my system,  
producing a lot of [?] instead of the correct numbering (still, I  
don't know if these file extensions are to be the same on my MixTeX,  
or if I need to download something else).

Thus, I would be pleased if you may send me, in the simplest manner  
possible, every "atomic" step to make in order to produce a  
bibliography. It would also be great to understand how to vary the  
bibtex setting in accordance with the specific reference styles  
required by the scientific journals.

Hoping this question isn't too basic for you, I thank you a lot in  
advance for your attention.

Stefano Mezzasalma

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