[texworks] Shortcuts and accelerators under Windows

Alain Delmotte alain.delmotte at leliseron.org
Thu Apr 15 18:40:38 CEST 2010


I tested the creation of shortcuts for the menus in the source (only for 
the moment) of TeXworks.
Here is a file showing the different menus.

I defined the following shortcuts: (for the menu title it is between 
brackets, in the menu I only give the letters in the right order)
[F]ile: N F O (P) C S A L V X Q
[E]dit: N R U C P E L B H S F
[S]earch: F G R A I P S L H
Forma[t]: F C U I N L W H S A Q
[S]cripts: S  (sorry here I forgot to change S to C -> duplicate with 
[W]indow: W S T B L R G F H
[H]elp: T E A

But the acccelerators (underlined letters in the menu bar) appears only 
after pressing Alt, by default.
This is *not* linked to TeXworks, it is a Windows option, to get them 
shown automatically, even without [Alt]:

- Right-click on desktop
- Properties
- Appearance
- Effects
- uncheck "Hide underlined letters (accelerators) until Alt is pressed" 
(or something like this, I have a French version)

You'll find the program and dlls in http://www.leliseron.org/texworks

Then for example to Balance delimiters in the Edit menu, option Balance 
Delimiters: "[Alt]+E" and then "b"

There are some problems:
1) In the File menu the p of Open Recent is not underlined and so the 
shortcut doesn't work!!! Why???
It is possible to define a shortcut for actionOpen_Recent as described 
on the web site above.

2) With this version, I can only get the English menu system, the French 
one doesn't work anymore; but with TeXworks without accelerators in the 
source, I get the French menus, even with accelerators (defined in the 

If this is wanted, I could complete the system for the sub-menus, the 
preview and for the dialog boxes.


NB. In the script menu I have many scripts with shortcuts and 
accelerators, but this is another story!! (If you are kind I'll tell you 
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