[texworks] 'No SyncTex data available', Xunbuntu 9.10, TeXWorks 0.3 ver 571

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Apr 5 23:14:48 CEST 2010

On 5 April 2010 Bruno Voisin wrote:

 > Reinhard Kotucha mentioned a TeX Live network installer (I had
 > forgotten there was one), it could provide the kind of
 > functionality you're looking for.



I just looked into the TeX Live repository and all I found there were
synctex binaries for various platforms and none of them was updated
since last summer.  So, however you install TeX Live 2009, you always
get version 1.2.  The sources in the Build tree of the repository
contain bugfixes applied by Jerome (according to log entries), but
when I compile a binary from the sources I still get something which
claims to be version 1.2.

I don't know how relevant the bugfixes are, Jerome knows best, but if
it's helpful I could make an up-to-date executable for x86_64-linux
availabe.  But I fear that Alain needs a Windows binary because he's
obviously using MinGW.

I just downloaded Jerome's current sources and I found a file
"synctex_parser_version.txt" which contains the string "1.9".  It's
obviously much newer than what's in TeX Live currently.  I could try
to create a synctex-1.9 binary for x86_64-linux if desired.

Regarding Windows, it's likely that executables for Windows are more
up-to-date here rather than in TeX Live:


Don't know which of all these packages contains synctex.exe.

It can't hurt to test the executables provided by Akira thoroughly
because what he provides goes into TeX Live 2010.


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