[texworks] Still the window problem under Windows

Alain Delmotte alain.delmotte at leliseron.org
Fri Feb 26 17:41:27 CET 2010


Some times ago (14/01) I reported the problem of the wrong size of new 
windows (also reported as issue 255).

This still happens with the new build (571/2) compiled with mingw.
BUT, the problem is worst than reported.

If one leaves the windows with the wrong size, one can resize the 
windows (especially the preview windows).
But if one resize the windows with "Window / Side by side", it is not 
possible any more to resize the preview window with "View / Actual Size 
or Fit to Width or Fit to Window".
Texworks freezes.

I also reported (15/01):
"But, not touching them, if I right-click the task bar and unlock (or 
lock) it, the windows are resized to the correct size.
When (un)lockink the taskbar, this one only slightly changes (the upper 
border is doubled or undoubled). "

In this case Texworks doesn't freeze, but it is very slow to react to 
the modification of size.

Is this from Qt as suggested by Stefan (issue 255 and issue 2)?
Is there a solution?


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