[texworks] compiling in Win7

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 15:48:30 CET 2010


Am 2010-02-26 08:53, schrieb Alain Delmotte:
> Stefan Löffler a écrit :
>> Right now, I can only see one possibility: TWLuaPlugin is mentioned
>> explicitly in TeXworks.pro for linking. I had hoped so far that if
>> it's not needed, it's not used. In any case, the workaround would be
>> to comment out the lines
>>     LIBS += -Lplugins-src/TWLuaPlugin/release -lTWLuaPlugin
>>     LIBS += -llua
>>     LIBS += -Lplugins-src/TWPythonPlugin/release -lTWPythonPlugin
>>     LIBS += -LC:/Programme/Python26/libs -lpython26

> Why one looks in plugins-src/TWLuaPlugin/release unless that what is
> searched is created *before* looking!
> The subfolder /release doesn't exist before compilation.
> But commenting the 4 lines, the compilation is OK and it is then
> possible to go to plugins-src/TWLuaPlugin and
> plugins-src/TWPythonPlugin and use qmake and mingw32-make; the
> compilations go alright and the system works.

So, if you comment the above four lines, Tw builds OK (not surprising).
If you then go into plugins-src/* and build the plugins, you end up with
the plugins-src/*/release/*.dll files.
Is it enough to simply copy those dlls into plugins/ (without rebuilding
Tw) to get them working? (this would be the nicest way, of course, and
quite straight forward).


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