[texworks] graphics problem

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Wed Feb 24 10:22:35 CET 2010


Benny Lautrup a écrit :
> Hi, 
> There is a graphics problem in the TeXworks version 0.3r514 delivered 
> with MixTeX 2.8. 
> The enclosed files isolate the problem. 
> What happens is that the graphics display misses elements after a 
> recompilation. 
> I strongly suspect that this is the cause of the irregular crashes I 
> have encountered in 0.3r567build2 and written about before. 
> Greetings 
> Benny Lautrup
For me, using Windows XP and TeXworks v 0.3 r 561, the output doesn't 
seem to change in the preview from one compilation to the other!!

The source could be striped down to:





Last comment: you have got a very nice visual distortion/aberration: the 
right side seems less hight than the left!!


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