[texworks] texworks ubuntu package

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Dec 19 00:30:34 CET 2009

    People who need to be told about
    installing TL (or any other distribution, for that matter) probably need
    to read the manual, anyway. 

People won't read the manual.  Especially the ones who most need to.
And that is ok -- people shouldn't have to to get a functional system.

My suggestion is for texworks to detect if the typesetting command
("tex", "latex", "pdflatex", whatever) it wants to execute is actually
in the PATH.  If not, put up an error saying "you need to install a tex
distribution such as tex live [if running on windows: or miktex], see
http://tug.org/texworks/whatever for more info."

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