[texworks] german translation

Peter Wüsten peter.wuesten at gmx.de
Fri Oct 9 13:18:54 CEST 2009

Here are my 2 Euro-cents:
> 3) "No recent search strings" / "Keine zuletzt verwendeten
> Suchausdrücke" / "Keine zuletzt verwendeten Suchen"
> I have no idea if the word "Suchausdrücke" exists officially or not.
> IMO, "Suchausdrücke" sounds better than "Suchen", though. Actually, it's
> not the searches that are saved, it's the search strings. Comments?
By all means use it. As you say, it is much better than "Suchen" in this 
context, and it is immediatly clear what is meant. After all, the Duden 
dictionary only _records _ common useage.
> 4) "Fit to Width" / "In Breite einpassen" / "In der Breite einpassen"
> I didn't like the original, but I'm not 100% comfortable with your
> suggestion, either. Somehow, it all cries "in welcher 'Breite'?" for me.
> Maybe "An Fensterbreite anpassen"? Suggestions?
I think "An Fensterbreite anpassen" is very good, because it is the 
clearest of all the alternatives.
> 7) "&Wrap around" / "Am &Anfang fortfahren, wenn das Ende
> erreicht ist" / "Am &Anfang fortfahren"
> It's a lot better (more concise) now. Still, I'd like to make a call for
> more suggestions because when searching backwards, it doesn't actually
> continue from the beginning. Ideas anyone?
I'm with you here. IIRC when this feature was relatively new in Windows 
text editors it was simply called "wrap" in many of the German 
translations, but maybe memory fails me on this one.
> 11) "Editor defaults" / "Editor Standardeinstellungen" /
> "Standard-Editoreinstellungen"
> I'd like to submit "Standardeinstellungen für den Editor" for consideration.
I think that for brevity's sake "Editor Standardeinstellungen" and 
"Standard-Editoreinstellungen" are better, and a bit more elegant IMHO.
> 12) "Auto-hide output panel unless errors occur" / "Verberge Ausgabe,
> wenn kein Fehler auftritt" / "Ausgabe unterdrücken wenn kein Fehler
> auftritt"
> Technically, this isn't true. There is an output, and the corresponding
> window is shown during the TeX run. It is just hidden afterwards, not
> suppressed.
This would be nit-picking IMHO. I think the meaning is sufficiently clear.
> 13) "Syntax coloring:" / "Syntax-Hervorhebung:" / "Syntaktische
> Hervorhebung:"
> I consider "Syntax-Hervorhebung" a kind of standard translation. But
> this may be due to my background in programming. Comments?
I think that "Syntaktische Hervorhebung" might be slightly misleading. 
I'm with you as far as the standard-translation goes, but for the 
uninitiated "TeX-Befehle hervorheben" (highlight TeX-commands) might be 
more intuitive (even though not entirely correct).

Cheers, Peter

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