[texworks] ini path

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 21 23:31:48 CET 2009

On 21 Mar 2009, at 20:49, Alain Delmotte wrote:

> But there is a TUG folder with a TeXwords.ini file under the user  
> TeXworks folder.
> This one appeared with version 271, I think; perhaps when I used a  
> "texworks-portable.ini" file.

Yes, if you use a texworks-portable.ini (now texworks-setup.ini) file  
to specify a location, then the preferences will always be stored  
in .ini format regardless of the platform. (Otherwise, TW uses  
whatever is "native" for the platform: .ini on Linux, registry on  
Windows, .plist file on OS X.)

> Yesterday I updated the source (r.285-286), using Turtoise SVN  
> Update and I got many messages of the type:
> Conflicted: C:\Documents and Settings\Principal\Bureau\TeXworks- 
> travail\source\trans\TeXworks_fr.ts All of these messages were about  
> the translation files.
> Eventually I got (for example for French):
> TeXworks_fr.qm
> TeXworks_fr.qm.r282
> TeXworks_fr.qm.r286
> TeXworks_fr.ts
> TeXworks_fr.ts.mine
> TeXworks_fr.ts.r282
> TeXworks_fr.ts.r286
> What do I do with this?

It sounds like you had touched the TeXworks_fr files locally, and a  
different update had been committed to the repository, and so you got  
a conflict. (I wouldn't have touched the actual French translations,  
of course, but I may have "refreshed" the .ts file with new strings  
and recompiled the .qm, so the files themselves could have changed.)

Depending whether you actually have translation updates that you want  
to preserve, you might need to read about merging or resolving  
conflicts with Subversion to understand how it handles this and what  
you can do.

> Today, after the messages of Jonathan and Yihne Zhang, I updated  
> again (r.287), without problem.
> But there is an error during compilation in TWApp.cpp(line 430):  
> missing ; before }
> Where do I put that ";"?

Oops. Fixed in svn now (or just add it at the end of the list of  
default paths).

> Is this file "texworks-setup.ini" going to replace the "texworks- 
> portable.ini"?

Yes. The name has been changed because it will now support an  
additional setup option primarily intended for use by the TeX Live  


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