[texworks] commands

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 16:31:42 CET 2009

Hans Hagen wrote:

> officially there is no xecontext; the traditional way to run context is
> texexec yourfile

I meant that TeXworks refers to "context" and "xecontext" for the
Typeset box.  The underlying definitions are as you say both texexec.

> i don't know, but normally we have a two level purge: only temporary
> files versus all helper files and in the context case i'd not use the
> built in feature but something 'context --purge' since the context
> script has the knowledge built in

I guess the issue there is that a binary route is ConTeXt-specific,
whereas the "Remove aux files" menu item is generic and so has to do the
job directly (unless the action of the menu item is much more variable
than simply changing config file).
Joseph Wright

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