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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Mar 19 14:30:22 CET 2009

Joseph Wright wrote:
> Hans Hagen wrote:
>>>> - I think that the 'cleanup aux' files in the menu is too specific for a
>>>> macro package, so it should either be configurable or be made
>>>> typesetting command dependent or whatever. I can even imagine that there
>>>> is an extra menu with options that change depending on the typesetting
>>>> command being selected.
>>> You can customise it in ~/TeXworks/configuration/texworks-config.txt, at
>>> least in the sense of altering what is on the list.
>> i think that there should be a config per typesetting command, as most
>> of what is in this file does not make sense for context (we have no 
>> \include and \includegraphics but different commands and there cleanup
>> suffixes are also different and could even lead to unwanted cleanup)
> At first reading, I was a bit lost with this comment.  Then I read the
> configuration file, and now I see what you are getting at. Two separate
> issues, I think:
> 1) The first part of texworks-config.txt deals with "drag and drop"
> inclusion of files.  Currently, the stuff there is LaTeX-specific.  I
> suppose what is needed is something like:
> File-type	Engine		Command
> text		pdftex		\input %1
> text		pdflatex	\include{%1}
> text		context		\input{%1} # Am I correct here?
> image		pdftex		\special{%1} # No real idea :-)
> image		pdflatex	\includegraphics[]{%1}
> image		contect		???  # Really no idea :-)
> or as you say texworks-config-pdftex, texworks-config-pdflatex and so
> on. (I guess the problem there is that pdftex ~ xetex, pdflatex ~
> xelatex and context ~ xecontext.)

officially there is no xecontext; the traditional way to run context is

texexec yourfile

and texexec will sort things out (depending on either --xetex or 
--pdftex or some directive at the first line of the file)

nowadays we have two variants:

ConTeXt MkII : texexec (for xetex/pdftex)
ConTeXt MkIV : context (for luatex)

so in fact only those two entries are needed as engine, nothing xe* or 
pdf* or lua*

so in fact xetex is easy to configure for context (although on windows i 
can't find the config file for configuring engines)

> 2) The "tidy up" items. As this is about auto-generated versus
> user-created files, I'm not so sure it is typesetting command-specific.
>  File types .tex, .ltx, .xml, .bib, and so on are never going to be in.
>  Is there a file extension that ConTeXt uses for a user file that is
> used elsewhere for something auto-generated?

i don't know, but normally we have a two level purge: only temporary 
files versus all helper files and in the context case i'd not use the 
built in feature but something 'context --purge' since the context 
script has the knowledge built in


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