[texworks] integrating TeX Works into TeX Live

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 16 02:27:28 CET 2009

On 15 Mar 2009, at 22:29, Karl Berry wrote:

>    At this point, the tricky part of this would be ensuring TW knows
>    where to find the TL binaries.
> Look along $PATH for tex[.exe].  That's it.  I don't know of any  
> reason
> to start guessing at other locations.

I'm not sure that's enough. tex[.exe] etc may be in a directory that's  
not in the $PATH. Especially if (AIUI) a GUI app like TW doesn't  
necessarily inherit the same $PATH as the user's default shell/command  
interpreter would see.

> Is there any difference in configuring TW for TL vs. for MiKTeX?   
> I.e.,
> do you need to know the TeX distribution you're using?  I'm
> guessing/hoping not ...

The main difference would be the path to the binaries.

>    Should be fine under the current model, where the TW config is  
> handled
>    similarly to most GUI applications.
> Hmm.  Let me ask it another way.  Do you think we need to create a
> "global" config file for TL?  Or does TW have "compiled-in" defaults
> that suffice?  Or?

It has compiled-in defaults, which can of course be customized for  
each platform by whoever builds it, but that's not sufficient if TL  
may be installed in non-standard places.

>> Jonathan, are you there :)?
>    Yes, and listening. :)
> Cool :).  And coding (need I ask :)?

 From time to time. :) Though on this particular point, I haven't  
completely decided what to do....

>  Any ETA on a candidate we can ask
> the TL builders to take a crack at?

errr... "real soon now"? :)

> Library updates still needed?

Yes; primarily, I need to build an up-to-date poppler lib, which is a  
bit of a pain on Windows (especially) and OS X (somewhat), as I want  
to avoid pulling in dependencies like fontconfig that TW doesn't  
really need. I keep meaning to give it a shot....


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