[texworks] Errors during compilation

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Mar 12 15:06:44 CET 2009

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Kew a écrit :
>> I downloaded the last version this morning (280, but given as 273 in 
>> the about TeXworks option of the Help menu -- where is this info 
>> written, in which file?)
> src/SvnRev.h
OK I did find and I'll use this info for the coming work.
>> It compiles but I get many new warnings (see attached log -- sorry it 
>> is in French, but understandable).
> Mostly from the synctex.c file; that hasn't been updated lately, so if 
> the warnings are "new" for you, I'd guess you are using a different 
> compiler version or different options in some way.
Unfortunately not. Note that many warnings are about converting 
double/float to other formats. Is this a result of the modification you 
did to replace the "round" problem? In fact, as I don't know what 
changes you made I can't juge.
> I've just committed a change that will eliminate the warning in 
> TeXDocument.cpp (yes, that was a mistake, although harmless), and also 
> updated the revision number.
>> in Format / Auto-indent mode Whitespace only/TeX comments/dtx prefixes
>> and Format / Smart Quotes TeX ligatures/TeX commands/Unicode parameters
> There are menu items I can not translate as they do not appear in the 
> .ts file:
> Right, these are not in TeXworks_??.ts because they're not part of the 
> built-in TeXworks interface; they come from the configuration files 
> that set up the auto-indent and smart-quotes modes. You could replace 
> those config files with your own versions using French names if you wish.
OK seen! So I can just translate in these files.
Perhaps add a note about this in the manual.



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