a use care for Zotero or TooBib, new literature and social media posts

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 4 20:30:36 CET 2022

I posted a link that did not work with Zotero or TooBib
and some questioned the value of automation for citation
collection. I value this feedback as I will put it in the TooBib
documentation and if someone comes up with something better
that is great too. I'm trying to "sell" some ideas 
based on appeal some bodies of literture- some of it designed
to be cited as with academic works other less formal
like social media posts. Probably many works can benefit
with citations to CNN or Fox etc. There are many possibilities.
Often, people just "cite" url's which may go dead or not
be worth clicking if some basic biblio info is there. 
See the release notes here, I'd like to just put an author
and title in the box to credit the two posts, 


If you make it to Appendix E, this was put together in maybe
a day. It is just a collection of self-cites and few additional
works ( new to me ) that helped make a case. I only had to 
skim them to find the important points. Hunting around for good
bibtex would have been a huge distraction- google scholar is
almost never good as-is and sometimes multiple sources
must be examined. A DOI scraper however can do most of the work.
It saves a lot of effort for me to copy the url and 
use the same command line code to go get all reasonable
bibtex entries and take the first or edit them.

FWIW, if everyone contacted sites that don't like robots
that would eventually stop as usually it just takes
a day or two but they come up pretty often. AFAICT, 
at least one site is looking at SSL negotation
as I noticed Chrome uses QUIC which AFAICT is not supported
yet on wget etc. Beyond that, headless needs a small tweak
and it looks like you can do that without puppeteer
( the json based debugging port is cool once you 
get to know it and hopefully this is a "final solution" for
the problem ).
The other thing is Zotero can end up on a logon screen.
Headless chrome can use your cookies allowing easier
access to whatever private literature you have.
This does of course create a security problem for 
code others may download :)  You can argue about
the point of citing private literature although in
some cases it makes sense. 




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