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Paulo Ney de Souza pauloney at
Wed Jan 5 02:09:14 CET 2022

Dear Carlos,

As much as we all would like to help you, I am afraid to say -- this is the
wrong mailing list for such request. I do believe it will be an
excellent addition to TeXworks, and I do believe that several people here
are interested and work on the development for TeXworks, but this is not
the objective of this mailing list.

The place where all the discussions on development occurs is:

and you can make feature requests right in there.

I also tried to locate where the TeXhacks mailing list is mentioned in the
TeXworks web-page and I was not able to find it. If you help me locate it,
I would try correcting the information.

Paulo Ney

On Fri, Dec 31, 2021 at 7:52 AM Carlos Davalillo < at>

> Hi to all the TexWork developers and users
> I'm a happy user of TexWorks and reading the TexWorks page I get this
> email in a mailing list to post to all users and developers.
> Anyway I would like to see in the next versions of TexWorks the ability to
> hide the document margin space in the typeset view. Sometimes I need to
> check out lines related to a previous part located in the page immediately
> before but the margin blank space occupies too much space and difficulties
> the content check so I need to scroll up and down many times. That problem
> could be easily solved if TexWorks added a way of hiding the margin space
> from the typesetting view.
> --
> Carlos Davalillo
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