lualatex vs pdflatex- char encoding issue not fixed by suggestions found in CTAN etc

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Fri Feb 18 20:46:55 CET 2022

Am Fri, 18 Feb 2022 11:27:36 -0800 schrieb William F Hammond via

>> Many things have changed in between, e.g. utf8 is now the default in
>> latex and latex properly supports the unicode engines.
> Alas, with TL 2017 I'm also not up to date.
> Just to be clear, I think you are just saying that
> \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} is now invoked automatically
> rather than something more exciting.

No only that. You can use utf8 e.g. also in label names, so 
\label{grüße} will work, and in file names too. And utf8 is written
correctly to external files.

> And is it still correct that there is no access to open type
> and truetype fonts without using LaTeX in a not-yet-default
> engine?

What do you mean by a not-yet-default engine? If you want to use
lualatex or xelatex as default you only need to setup your editor

Ulrike Fischer

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