another RFC, any idea how this idea fits with DOI ecosystem?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Fri Feb 18 16:33:14 CET 2022

I have been posting ad nauseum about "BomTex" and the related
idea of indicating the refering work in a bibliographic link
as links in papers othewise may not have a way to tell the 
server the source of the interest. There are several ways to
do that but without the document reader inserting a referrer
header, adding a query string or wrapping the url are possible
and both require the pdf generation ( in this case maybe bibtex
or biber or biblatex or equivlaents or things like the code
I wrote  ) to modify the citation links. Getting servers
to tabulate those is another issue but maybe doable if there is
anything to tabulate. For the time being, just getting the
DOI links to work would be a big plus and they already
have a central redirect or "wrapped" form, Namely[DOI]

making it easy for bibtex replacement ( my code :) )
to create citations with links like,[DOI]?source_doc=10.666/cool.marchywka.doc

Are there any facilities like this that would be commonly used 
by academic authors ? Eventually the idea is to
get commercial sites to check the query string to see where
customer traffic originates.



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