consider the popular site researchgate,

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Sun Feb 6 15:33:34 CET 2022

Researchgate is a common place to find full text articles and their
support for bibtex is debatable. This link failed on the
Zotero webform and the pdf does not appear to contain
helpful information for computer aided citing,

However, Toobib contains a few ways to get at least some information.
Most of the time this is usable but RG also seems to create its own
DOI's and not tell crossref about them so those are not always
useful. This accurately determined it was a part of a book but
did not get the book info. This entry should be enough to use
and an interested reader could decide to  hit the link or otherwise follow up
based on the author, title, and year. Note also there was
a problem with the name prefix- I'm still tweaking the name
fixing code as this is annoying...  

Like some sites, they tend to change their html every so often. With
places that use standards, Toobib can eventually figure it out but
really quirky stuff requires domain specific code. Keeping the
code behind a server allows for better deployment of updates
like that. Although a patch push facility may help too :)  

% mjmhandler: toobib guessresearchgate2 (rg) 
% date 2022-02-06:09:20:04 Sun Feb 6 09:20:04 EST 2022
% srcurl:
% citeurl:
X_TooBib = {publisher: ReWriteParse be.get(s)= be.get(dest)=},
X_TooBib = {journal: ReWriteParse be.get(s)= be.get(dest)=},
X_TooBib = {urldate: FixBeKvp s= cmd=date "+%Y-%m-%d" d=2022-02-06 dn=urldate},
X_TooBib = {author: DeWolff , Frederik and Bruyn , G},
author = {DeWolff , Frederik and Bruyn , G},
author_orig = {De Wolff, Frederik and Bruyn, G},
month = {01},
pages = {107-120},
title = {Acute Ethanol Intoxication},
urldate = {2022-02-06},
year = {1994},



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