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Thu Dec 15 00:33:51 CET 2022


> I have just installed texlive 2022, specifically mactex. Whenever I install a new version of texlive, I also have to update font mappings because I use some special (commercial) fonts. The 2-step procedure for this, which I long ago gleaned from latex help sites is the following. In a terminal run
>   1.  sudo -H mktexlsr
>   2.  sudo -H updmap-sys --force --enable,

That is of course possible, but I would suggest:
- putting the map files (and related font files) into
- add a updmap.cfg file in
and with this setup, the font will be automatically be picked up by
updmap, since it reads *all* cfg files found.

> Unknown option: force --enable Map

That sounds like you called
	updmap-sys '--force --enable'
which would be passed as *one* long argument named
	force --enable Map
with value

Can you please check the invocation?



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