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> I get pubmed search updates and sometimes there is a retraction
> notice included. Updates like this can be a problem.
> This paper was recently retracted,

I use my own tcsh script to convert PubMed entries into bibtex format.
It uses a Pascal program - ancient but reliable tools (like LaTeX!).

So I ran it.  I got this entry:

author = "H. Zhang
 and J. Xian
 and Y. Li
 and L. Xiao
 and L. Wang",
title = "{Effects of Tenofovir Combined with Recombinant Human
Interferon alpha-2b on Negative Conversion Rate, Liver Function,
Immune Status, and Drug Safety in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B:
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis}",
journal = "Evid Based Complement Alternat Med",
volume = "2022",
pages = "1889628",
pmid = "35815265",
pmcid = "PMC9262527",
note = "\url
comment = "2022/12/10 16:00:11 ",
year = "2022"}

While generating that it told me that the way to get the medline
format entry is:

If you try this link, it should be a clean text page (attached).

My medlinebib program parses this since it is a reliable format.

In there I found:

PT  - Retracted Publication

So you can use that to identify retracted publications - no unreliable
html scraping needed!!


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