Adding bibliographic information to PDF file

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Tue Nov 2 15:48:18 CET 2021

Curious what people do or think about adding bibtex to
a latex generated pdf. That is, the recent discussions on the
TUg papers suggests looking the stuff up on the website
( a special case I have yet to implement in TooBib).
However, does anyone know of a package or object to something
like the "mjmaddbib" stuff below that adds machine and human 
readable bibtex entries? The machine readable is just 
added to extended information and most people probably
do that in pieces anyway- adding a title or doi for example.
The human readable thing is just a variable that can be
used or not at the author's descretion. 
I like it :) 
It sure beats scraping a DOI and is nice for docs without
a DOI. 
There are 3 outputs below: a tex file
called "filefail.tex" that just creates bib entries,
an extended information dump using exiftool filtered
with grep ( the "X" is upper case but no idea why ),
and the "pdftotext" from the pdffile showing
the human readable bibtex inserted with "\mjmshowbib"
. Besides that stupid uppercase "X" I also can't get
rid of the space before the comma in the bibtex
but I can figure that out later. Thanks. 

$cat filefail.tex


\mjmaddbib{author}{Mike Marchywka}
\mjmaddbib{title}{demo for addbib}

$exifutil -list filefail.pdf | grep  X-bib
X-bib-author                    : Mike Marchywka
X-bib-title                     : demo for addbib
X-bib-bibtex                    :  @techreport{demo-bibbbb, author ="Mike Marchywka" , title ="demo for addbib" }

$pdftotext filefail.pdf -1
author =”Mike Marchywka” ,
title =”demo for addbib”


mike marchywka
306 charles cox
canton GA 30115
USA, Earth 
marchywka at
ORCID: 0000-0001-9237-455X

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