Color changing under graphic inclusion with graphicx

William F Hammond hmwlfsr at
Mon Jan 11 21:04:47 CET 2021

Paulo Ney de Souza <pauloney at> cites diffs:

> 59c61
> < Gamma: 0.45455
> ---
>> Gamma: 0.454545
> 66c68
> < Background color: srgb(254.012,254.012,254.012)
> ---
>> Background color: white

and writes:

> but I believe they represent the same thing and NONE of
> several other programs I used show any differences
> in the display of the images.
> It is just XeLaTeX that includes them in different ways.

Winging it: Could it be just that xelatex and pdflatex
handle floating point math differently?

                              -- Bill

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