how to check siunitx package installed or not

Peter Flynn peter at
Fri May 8 00:20:57 CEST 2020

On 07/05/2020 16:21, political science wrote:
> When I compile this  I get message |Unfortunatley the package siunitx 
> could not be installed|and an error |File siunitx.sty' not found. 

On most systems there is a command 'kpsewhich' to find exactly *which* 
TeX file will be used, so if you open a Command window and type

    kpsewhich siunitx.sty

if will either come back with the full path to the file, or nothing if 
it is not installed or findable. Mine says


The search provided by your operating system may locate the file 
somewhere else if it is on the computer but not installed in a place TeX 
can find it.

But it looks as if there is something wrong with directories or 
privileges: "Unfortunatley the package siunitx could not be installed" 
may mean that your auto-installer tried, but was prevented from writing 
to the directory. Or possibly that the auto-installer was unable to 
retrieve the file from CTAN.


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