Looking for a couple of bibliographic references

Didier Verna didier at didierverna.net
Fri Mar 20 10:56:44 CET 2020

  Hi all,

I hope you'll pardon this slightly off-topic intrusion... I'm looking
for two old references, mostly out of curiosity, and preferably in
digital format. These are:

Michael P. Barnett, Computer Typesetting: Experiments and Prospects,
M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1965.

C . J. Duncan, J. Eve, L. Molyneux, E. S. Page, and Margaret G. Robson,
‘Computer typesetting: an evaluation of the problems,’ Printing
Technology 7 , 133-151 (1963).

There are a couple of copies of the Barnett's book around, but somewhat
expensive and not in very good shape. I cannot put my hands on the
Duncan article anywhere.

Any idea?


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