Interference between atbegshi and hyperref when producing table of contents headings on every page of TOC

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Wed Feb 12 21:45:32 CET 2020

Am Wed, 12 Feb 2020 20:01:56 +0000 schrieb Beuthe, Thomas:

> I agree, using headers would be the ideal solution if I was producing
> a document by myself and under my own control. But I am not.

> No messing around with headers to achieve the desired effect,
> because I really can't expect them to do this.

Nobody expect "them" to do. Such headers are automatic. You only
need to ensure that the \tableofcontents/\listoffigures code issues
the correct code for the headers and that they set the pagestyle
correctly. You can do this in the code of the template.

> Just a simple and automatic method that still allows them
> full normal control over the placement of the TOC, LOF, LOT in the normal way.
> So unfortunately I have to go with this. I will take my lumps if something goes wrong,

This doesn't make sense. You will have to add code and adapt the
template to get the functionality. 

There is no difference if you use headers or atbegshi here. The only
difference is that the header code will work without breaking other

Ulrike Fischer

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