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Tianyi Chen tianyi.chen at
Fri Aug 7 11:30:01 CEST 2020

Hi! this is Tianyi, and I am really sorry to bother you, but I really need some help.

Recently, I was trying to learn TeX and reading "The TeXbook”. I am confused reading chapter4 "Fonts of Type”, the author did a really good job teaching switching one font from another, but when I was trying to explore more fonts, there are two problems  cannot be solved by myself.

First, what are the all available fonts I can use. So unlike the Word just give me a list to select fonts, fonts are stored in the TeX directory structure(TDS), and I successfully use the \font control sequence to switch fonts I found in the tfm file. However, there are many other files as following [cid:9DA5D1A1-0C52-436B-8116-344B4EF125F7]
I did not know what I can do with other files.

Second, if I found a new created font, how can I use it in TeX.

To conclude, I feel like I need to know  fonts itself, and then how TeX uses it and what the logic is.
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