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Mon Aug 3 23:41:21 CEST 2020

Dear TeXers,

I still cannot believe we made it: TUG 2020 was held despite epidemics
and lockdowns. Three days of non-stop discussions, talks, and even
virtual social events. It would not have been possible without the
energy and dedication of the Conference Committee, the session chairs,
the speakers and the audience - as well as the generous help of our
sponsors. The videos of the presentations are being edited. You will
find them eventually at

The next issue of TUGboat will be the Proceedings issue.  While
working on it, we are also starting to accept papers for the following
issue - the deadline is October 15.

Speaking of TUGboat, many of us enjoyed Peter Wilson's columns in the
journal.  TUG is pleased to announce the publication of the collection
of these columns in book form.  The book, Glisterings, is available
from the TUG store - - and other

The attendees of TUG 2020 had a great opportunity to listen to Amelia
Hugill-Fontanel's lecture on type specimens. If the subject interests
you, you might want to attend the (online) 2020 Awayzgoose conference on
wood type, letterpress, and all things type, organized by Hamilton Wood
Type & Printing Museum together with the American Printing History
Association, Nov. 5-8:

New packages on CTAN in July (more info for all at

- beamerthemenord, a simple beamer theme using the `Nord' color theme
- bubblesort, bubble sorts a list
- charissil, CharisSIL fonts with LaTeX support
- chhaya, linguistic glossing in Marathi language
- edichokey, typeset dichotomous identification keys
- ekdosis, typesetting TEI XML-compliant critical editions
- exesheet, typesetting exercise or exam sheets
- expkv-opt, parse class and package options with expkv
- ibarra, LaTeX support for the Ibarra Real Nova family of fonts
- install-latex-guide-zh-cn, a short introduction to LaTeX installation,
    written in Chinese
- ltx4yt, lay YouTube videos in the default browser
- membranecomputing, membrane computing notation
- nimsticks, draws sticks for games of multi-pile Nim
- schooldocs, various layout styles for school documents
- tikzpackets, display network packets
- tlmgrbasics, simplified documentation for tlmgr
- verifiche, a LaTeX package to typeset (Italian) high school tests
- xml2pmx, convert MusicXML to PMX and MusiXTeX
- zztex, a full-featured TeX macro package for producing books,
    journals, and manuals

In other CTAN news: a(n optional) provision in the Open Font License
forbids repackaging fonts in another format without changing the font
name. (Specifically, the "Reserved Font Name" clause, which font authors
may or may not choose to use, at their option.) Notably for the TeX
world, this applies to the translation of OpenType and TrueType fonts to
Type 1. Bob Tennent has updated a number of his font support packages to
comply with the license (by changing the font name for Type 1 fonts).
All support packages for OFL-licensed fonts should check on this.

Happy TeXing!
Boris Veytsman
TUG President

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