Font rendering (was: Re: Flash player no longer supported, what happens to media9 and Skim?)

Jim Diamond Jim.Diamond at
Sun Aug 2 22:49:32 CEST 2020

Hi Paulo,

On Sun, Aug  2, 2020 at 13:02 (-0700), Paulo Ney de Souza wrote:

> Your point is made. I can see it.

I'm glad to hear I wasn't hallucinating the whole thing :-)

> I have to investigate first the chances that the Acrobat
> installation is damaging Evince.  I have seen it happening a couple
> of times in the installation of our Production Suite in the past but
> thought we had left this behind now...

?  I really don't see how that could happen.

But I will tell you that I see the same so-so font rendering from
evince on a system which is 64-bit only, and thus I don't have
Acroread on that system.

> I'll have the opportunity to do a new installation this next week
> and will try before and after installing Acrobat.

I'll be interested in hearing how it goes, but I'll be surprised if
Acrobat has anything to do with it.


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