Flash player no longer supported, what happens to media9 and Skim?

Suresh Govindachar sgovindachar at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 2 02:39:23 CEST 2020

On 8/1/2020 4:35 PM, Jim Diamond via texhax wrote:
> On Sat, Aug  1, 2020 at 15:45 (-0700), Paulo Ney de Souza wrote:
>> [there are good pdf readers on linux]
> [poor rendering of fonts and inability to read oms documents
>   by pdf readers on linux]
> Perhaps your experience is different, or you have found better PDF
> viewers than I have.  If you have a recommendation, I'd be happy to
> hear it, because having to mess around to get a 32-bit executable
> (Acroread 9.5.5) to run on a 64-bit only system is a nuisance.
No clue about oms, but regarding rendering of fonts: Open the pdf in 
Windows and save it with embedding of all the used fonts and their 
attributes. This new file will be larger in size, but will show up fine 
when opened in Linux.


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