[EXT] Problems installing TeX

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Apr 11 17:12:41 CEST 2020

Michael Bar wrote:

The problem I described yesterday of not having pdflatex.fmt got only one response from Vu Van Dung.  That was the suggestion that I start over with TL20 which had just been released.  So I did and the installation instructions said to remove the old version, which I did.  I then downloaded install-tl-windows.exe and ran it.  During the unpacking an error message came up saying it failed.  I tried it twice more with the same result.  Any idea what is going wrong?  Should I wait a few days and try again, hoping the problem with be resolved?  Should I try to remove the previously unpacked things and where do I find them?

If you have adequate bandwidth, Michael, may I suggest downoading the TeX Collection ISO<http://tug.org/~manfred/texcol2020.iso>, announced here a few days ago, and then either burning it to a DVD or mounting it in whatever way your version of Windows (and possible add-ons) will allow.  If you burn it to a DVD, I think that the DVD will auto-run when inserted.  If it does not, or if you have elected to mount the ISO, navigate to "setup\texcollection.exe", right-click and selected "Run as administrator".  Before telling it to proceed, look at the defaults selected for the various installation directories, ensure that you are happy with them (if not, customise), and regardless of whether or not you have customed, ensure that all installation directories other than those that include "LOCAL" or "HOME" are empty.

If you do all the above (and if I have not made any errors in my suggestions), then it will not matter whether or not you have any previous installation(s), since the new one will be independent thereof.

Good luck (as Herb would say).
Philip Taylor

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