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Jerry <jerry at> writes:

> The only problem I have with it is that I cannot use the custom keys
> with a FreeBSD system, which by the way, is what I am using right now.
> I don’t know of any application or driver in FreeBSD that will allow me
> to take advantage of the full ability of this keyboard, but that is
> okay. It is still the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used.

I don't know the keyboard.

But many years ago, probably the early 1990s, I had similar
issues with keys.  There were low level ways of dealing with
the issues in X11.  A program called xmodmap played a role.
I would use the Emacs scratch buffer to figure out what a
problem key was emitting.  I also had to confront the
issues, albeit differently, in the context of a dialup login
with vt100 terminal emulation, about which my memory is

I would settle for nothing less than having every key on
that keyboard do exactly what you want.  If you sometimes
use the FreeBSD with another keyboard, your login scripts
will need to be trained to figure out what keyboard you are

                              -- Bill

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