How to get a texdoc in a window

Peter Flynn peter at
Sun Mar 31 21:01:08 CEST 2019

On 31/03/2019 14:37, Jerry wrote:
> Now, I am not a great typist. I can only type at about 90 WPM. Not
> quick by any means; however, better than hunt-and-peck. For the past
> decade or thereabout, I have used an old Microsoft Comfort Keyboard
> 5000. It doesn’t make a lot of clickity-clack noise, which is fine with
> me because I am typing not trying to create a sonic boom. I only
> purchased it because it had an extended palm rest. I have carpal
> tunnel, and that was a real selling point for me, plus it only cost 39
> dollars at the time, and it was wireless.

A lot depends on your needs. It's always good to find one which fits 
exactly what you want.

> The only problem I have with it is that I cannot use the custom keys
> with a FreeBSD system, which by the way, is what I am using right now.
> I don’t know of any application or driver in FreeBSD that will allow me
> to take advantage of the full ability of this keyboard, but that is
> okay. It is still the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used.

I don't know what these custom keys are, so I can't help there. I found 
a picture of the keyboard and it seems to have a band of additional keys 
along the wavy top edge. To remap them, you would need access to the 
scan codes they create, and this is probably restricted to Microsoft.


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