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>Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
>> There *is* competition for decades.  The Cherry G80 keyboards are
>> *much* better.  Unfortunately they are about twice as expensive as
>> they've been in the early nineties.  Don't expect to get such a
>> keyboard for less than 100 €.  And if you decide to spend money for a
>> good G80 keyboard, make sure that you know in advance which switches
>> you prefer.  There are many switches available with non-linear
>> behaviour and it's not sufficient to just ask for "buckling springs".
>> You'll find further information in the internet.
>> I used IBM keyboards with pleasure in the past.  However, though they
>> are amazingly resilient, they are not immortal.
>> Nothing can beat the G80 keyboard I used at the university.  I could
>> write much faster than on any other keyboard I used later, including
>> the IBM keyboards.
>> Though we get highest quality software for free nowadays, excellent
>> hardware is still expensive.
>> At least it's completely wrong to assume that IBM is the only
>> manufacturer of good keyboards.  You probably didn't look for
>> competitors because the IBM stuff is so resilient.  
>You may well be right, Reinhard (you frequently are).  All I can say
>is that in comparison to even the finest wireless keyboards available
>to me, the IBM 1391406 on which I am typing this reply is light-years
>ahead in terms of design, touch, feel and feedback (the last both
>mechanical and audible).  Until recently I had only two; now I have a
>third but despite appearing brand-new it has some subtle fault(s)
>whereby one key generates two key-strokes (two adjacent keys).  I have
>just purchased the requisite 5,5mm slimline nutdriver with which to
>open the case, and I shall be investigating this (and, I hope,
>rectifying it) shortly.
>** Phil.

It amuses me when I hear people talk about how much their keyboard
costs. It sort of reminds me of when I played competitive softball
(many years ago). We had some players who would spend hundreds of
dollars literally on a custom aluminum bat. Personally, I never wasted
my money on that crap. I could strike out just as easily with a
$20-dollar bat. The same goes for golf clubs. I actually got talked
into buying a $1000 set of custom-made golf clubs. Unfortunately, the
results were the same – I still sucked at golf.

Now, I am not a great typist. I can only type at about 90 WPM. Not
quick by any means; however, better than hunt-and-peck. For the past
decade or thereabout, I have used an old Microsoft Comfort Keyboard
5000. It doesn’t make a lot of clickity-clack noise, which is fine with
me because I am typing not trying to create a sonic boom. I only
purchased it because it had an extended palm rest. I have carpal
tunnel, and that was a real selling point for me, plus it only cost 39
dollars at the time, and it was wireless.

The only problem I have with it is that I cannot use the custom keys
with a FreeBSD system, which by the way, is what I am using right now.
I don’t know of any application or driver in FreeBSD that will allow me
to take advantage of the full ability of this keyboard, but that is
okay. It is still the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used.

Just my 2¢.


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