Aug19 TUG news: tug'19 recap, CTAN

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Tue Aug 13 22:59:43 CEST 2019

Dear TeXers

The main event of the year, TUG2019 in Palo Alto, is done. It was a
great experience, and I'd like to thank Karl Berry, Jennifer Claudio and
the indefatigable Robin Laakso for their great job in making it
possible. The technical program is online
( We have been posting some photos
on Twitter under hash tag #TUG2019PaloAlto; more to come.

Don Knuth spent a day with us. We have had talks by several founding
fathers and TeX friends, a remote talk from Australia, and many other
quite remarkable presentations. Discussion at the AGM was focused on the
future of TUG and our role in the community. We will publish the details
later. At our traditional banquet, we had an occasion to celebrate Don
and several long time members of TUG: Barbara, Sue and Cheryl. I am
happy to announce that Barbara is now a lifetime member of TUG; this is
a well deserved distinction.

Two themes which are special for me were prominently represented at TUG.
We have had several excellent talks about education, and (for the second
year in a row) talks on PDF accessibility, one of which took place via a
live link with an overseas participant.

Pavneet Arora live-tested a new idea for our TUG store: TeX-themed
T-shirts.  They were a smashing success (even DEK was interested in
them!).  We will offer them soon for members.

TUG 2020 will take place in Rochester, NY, USA, in cooperation with
the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Please plan to come!

Among new packages on CTAN in July:

- codeanatomy, macros to typeset code with annotations
- derivative, a package to typeset nice and easy derivatives
- flowframtk, vector graphics application with support for flowfram
- garamond-libre, Garamond Libre typeface 
- latex-base-dev, latex-doc-dev, latex-graphics-dev - new latex formats
    for testing pre-releases of the LaTeX kernel (please use!).
- logix, a set of over 3000 Unicode supplemental math symbols
- numberpt, typesetting numbers spelled out in Portuguese
- scontents, package to store and reuse code sequences
- theanodidot, Theano Didot fonts with LaTeX support
- theanomodern, Theano Modern fonts with LaTeX support
- theanooldstyle, Theano OldStyle fonts with LaTeX support
- tuda-ci, LaTeX templates of the Technische Universität Darmstadt
- unicode-alphabets, macros for using characters from the
    Unicode Private Use Area
- unizgklasa, class for theses at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb
- yazd-thesis, a template for the Yazd University

Happy TeXing,
Boris Veytsman

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