TUG 2019 - Program & participants

Accepted presentations for the conference and registered participants will be listed here, as received. Other links:


  1. William Adams, Design into 3D: A system for customizable project designs
  2. Amine Anane, Arabic typesetting using a Metafont-based dynamic font
  3. Takuto Asakura, A TeX-oriented research topic: Synthetic analysis on mathematical expressions and natural language
  4. Pavneet Arora, Rain Rain Go Away: Some thoughts on rain protection, and its uses
  5. Antoine Bossard, A glance at CJK support with XeTeX and LuaTeX (preprint)
  6. Erik Braun, Current state of CTAN
  7. Jaeyoung Choi, Saima Majeed, Ammar Ul Hassan, Geunho Jeon, FreeType MF Module 2: Integration of Metafont and TeX-oriented bitmap fonts inside FreeType (preprint)
  8. Jennifer Claudio and Emily Park, Improving Hangul to English translation
  9. Jennifer Claudio and Sally Ha, A brief exploration of artistic elements in lettering
  10. David Fuchs, What six orders of magnitude of space-time buys you
  11. Federico Garcia-De Castro, An algorithm for music slurs in Metafont
  12. Jim Hefferon, What do today's newcomers want?
  13. Shakthi Kannan, XeTeX Book Template
  14. Dick Koch, Big changes in MacTeX, and why users should never notice
  15. Doug McKenna, An interactive iOS math book using a new TeX interpreter library
  16. Henri Menke, The foreign function interface (FFI) in LuaTeX: A user's perspective
  17. Henri Menke, Parsing complex data formats in LuaTeX with LPEG
  18. Behrooz Parhami, Evolutionary changes in Persian and Arabic scripts to accommodate the printing press, typewriting, and computerized word processing
  19. Aravind Rajendran, Rishi T, Rajagopal C.V., Neptune—a proofing framework for LaTeX authors
  20. Sree Harsha Ramesh, Dung Thai, Boris Veytsman, Andrew McCallum, BibTeX-based dataset generation for training citation parsers
  21. Arthur Reutenauer, Hyphenation patterns in TeX Live and beyond
  22. Arthur Reutenauer, The state of XeTeX
  23. Rishi T, Rajagopal C.V., Radhakrishnan C.V., TeXFolio—a framework to typeset XML documents using TeX
  24. Martin Ruckert, The design of the HINT file format
  25. Qutub Sajib, Typesetting Bangla in Unicode-aware TeX engines—from user experiences to development insights
  26. Shreevatsa R, What I learned from trying to read the TeX program
  27. Petr Sojka, Ondřej Sojka, The unreasonable effectiveness of pattern generation
  28. Petr Sojka, TeX in schools? Just Say Yes, given that …
  29. Didier Verna, Quickref: A stress test for Texinfo
  30. Yusuke Terada, Construction of a digital exam grading system using TeX
  31. Boris Veytsman, Creating commented editions with TeX
  32. Dave Walden, Sketch: Digital typography history, extended
  33. Uwe Ziegenhagen, Creating and automating exams with LaTeX & friends
  34. Uwe Ziegenhagen, Combining LaTeX with Python


  1. Amine Anane, Montreal, Canada
  2. William Adams, Mechanicsburg, PA
  3. Pavneet Arora, Bolton, ON
  4. Takuto Asakura, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
  5. Brian Bartling, AMS
  6. Karl Berry
  7. Antoine Bossard, Kanagawa University
  8. Erik Braun, CTAN
  9. Jaeyoung Choi, Soongsil University
  10. Dennis Claudio
  11. Jennifer Claudio, Oak Grove High School
  12. Alan Davis, Oakland, CA
  13. Susan DeMeritt, IDA/CCR, La Jolla, CA
  14. David Fuchs
  15. Peter Giunta, Somerville, MA
  16. Steve Grathwohl, Chapel Hill, NC
  17. Sally Ha, Oak Grove High School
  18. Jim Hefferon, St Michael's College
  19. Chris Jimenez, Stetson University
  20. Shakthi Kannan, Chennai, India
  21. Donald Knuth, Stanford University
  22. Richard Koch, University of Oregon
  23. Yusuke Kuroki, Yokohama, Japan
  24. Robin Laakso, TUG
  25. Doug McKenna, Mathemaesthetics, Inc.
  26. Henri Menke, University of Otago
  27. Emily Park, San Jose, CA
  28. Cheryl Ponchin, IDA/CCR, Princeton, NJ
  29. Aravind Rajendran, STM Document Engineering Pvt Ltd
  30. Arthur Reutenauer, Uppsala, SE
  31. Rishi T, STM Document Engineering Pvt Ltd
  32. Tomas Rokicki, Palo Alto, CA
  33. Martin Ruckert, Hochschule Muenchen
  34. Qutub Sajid, China University of Geosciences
  35. Herbert Schulz, Naperville, IL
  36. Senthil, San Ramon, CA
  37. Shreevatsa R, Sunnyvale, CA
  38. Yusuke Terada, Tokyo Educational Institute
  39. Didier Verna, EPITA
  40. Boris Veytsman, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and George Mason University
  41. Dave Walden
  42. Uwe Ziegenhagen, Cologne, Germany

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